Mario’s Pizzeria tells staff only those vaccinated can work from July 19

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Mario’s Pizzeria tells staff only those vaccinated can work from July 19

On the heels of news from Prestige Holdings that the fast food chain was incentivising its workers to be vaccinated against covid19 before July 19, now comes word that Mario’s Pizzeria has implemented similar policy.

In an internal memo on Tuesday, signed by CEO Roger Harford, the fast foot outlet stated that while vaccination was not mandatory or enforceable, only vaccinated staff will be prioritised to work from July 19.

The memo states: “Fully vaccinated staff and staff in receipt of their first vaccination shot will be required to provide proof of vaccination by presenting an original copy of their immunization card to their respective manager upon arrival at work.”

“Employees who do not want to be vaccinated for any reason; your decision will be respected. In these situations, staff continue temporary layoff until alternatives are explored by the company in consultation with the employee regarding employment.”

Harford said, “Our main agenda is to survive, to start generating revenue, to start paying salaries and wages. We all have families and obligations that are currently strained. The direction this pandemic is taking us, is down a road of instability and hardship.”

“The above company policy on vaccination will remain enforced to ensure our business survival and the health and safety of all staff and customers.”

Additionally, he said employees unable to be vaccinated due to health or medical reasons were required to provide a report with clear details of this from “the Certified Medical Practitioner Board.”

Harford stated that forcing staff to be vaccinated was not their agenda, but vaccinations were the main solution to lifting the current restrictions on all industries.
He said the company will also be providing Mario’s employees with a vaccination incentive – a reimbursement of $100 in transportation cost and assistance with vaccine appointments.

Prestige Holdings, meanwhile, which is the local franchise holder for KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and TGI Friday restaurants, is offering to pay staff for a day’s pay (fixed at $150) for their time and out of pocket expenses.