Marabella father of five denied bail

Marabella father of five denied bail

A father of five was denied bail yesterday when he appeared before a Magistrate charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

The court heard that around 10:40p.m on Tuesday, Keith Yard and a female passenger were driving along Southern Main Road, St. Margaret’s when the vehicle was stopped by officers. They noticed that Yard was sweating and shaking, and asked him if he had anything illegal in the car. Yard admitted that he had some kilos in the car; when the officers checked the vehicle, they found two brown packages with marijuana. Yard told officers that the female passenger in the front seat was not involved.

The marijuana was seized and Yard was taken into custody.

At court, Yard’s attorney argued that as a father of five, Yard is the breadwinner of the family. He also stated that Yard was experiencing some financial difficulties, noting that his rent was due, and that he took the job to make some money.

He was taken into custody until the matter is called tomorrow.