Manning; Fuel, food costs within control of the consumer

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Manning; Fuel, food costs within control of the consumer

The Government has reduced its subsidy on gas leading to a rise in prices but more money has been placed in the pockets citizens in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is according to Minister in the Ministry of Finance Brian Manning who says that persons, especially the more vulnerable in society, received a lot from the Government.

Manning was speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 202 Digital this morning.

Referring to the fuel subsidy as ‘wasteful’ he said that while it was reduced many have benefitted from Government handouts.

While he acknowledged that food prices have been increasing he said that it is not completely out of the control of the consumer.

He also maintained that fuel costs could be controlled as well.

He said the Government has instituted several plans to treat with rising food costs including reduced taxes on imported items and agricultural programs.