Manchester City Advance in FA Cup, Beat Swansea City 3-1


Manchester City Advance in FA Cup, Beat Swansea City 3-1

Manchester City progress through the semi-finals of the FA Cup as they defeated Swansea 3-1.

The fifth round of the FA Cup is a meeting between Swansea at the opening of Liberty Stadium to welcome Manchester City’s visit.

The home team was organized in a 3-4-1-2 system, placing Jamallow and Jordan Morris in the front.

The visitors opted for a 4-3-3 plan, placing Ferrant Torres, Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling as three sides in the offensive line.

The result showed that in the first half, 30 minutes, Manchester City scored a 1-0 lead from the moment Rodri passed the ball to the right for Kyle Walker, semi-open to the penalty area.

The ball did not get hit by anyone, flowing into the door. Before ending the first half with this score

At the second half of the 47th minute, Manchester City escaped 2-0 when Rodri passed the ball through to the left for Raheem Sterling to take the ball into the penalty area before firing right into the net. Then, in the 50th minute, Manchester City led 3-0 away from when Ilkay Kundogan opened the ball into the penalty area on the right side for Bernardo Silva to head into the center for Gabriel Jesus to catch the ball. Down nicely before slashing with a sharp left in the 57th minute Swansea went 1-3 when Ryan Manning turned the ball from the left into the penalty area for Morgan Whitaker to sabotage on the left.

The ball plunged into a far post.

For the remainder of the time, the two teams could not do any more, finishing the game. Manchester City defeated Swansea City 3-1 and successfully qualified for the last 8 teams.