Man to spend 7 months in jail for 25th conviction

Man to spend 7 months in jail for 25th conviction

A 55-year old man has been sentenced to seven months in jail after being caught breaking into a woman’s house. stealing a car battery and items from a vendor’s stall.

Elvis Soodeen, also known as Davenand Kissoon, is no stranger to police or to the law having been convicted 24 times in the last 10 years.

When he appeared before a San Fernando Magistrate this week, Soodeen was charged with four offences: two counts of larceny, attempted housebreaking and possession of housebreaking implements.

Soodeen was involved in three incidents between June 20 and July 5th, in which he stole a car battery, a scale and other items from a fruit vendor, and attempted to break into a woman’s house.

The total cost of the items stolen were estimated to be $2300.

Soodeen, who admitted to being a drug addict, said that he stole the items to “buy a smoke.”

He pleaded guilty to all the charges. 

Soodeen was sentenced to 30 days and 40 days imprisonment on the larceny offences, seven months on the attempted housebreaking charge and 30 days for the housebreaking implements.

The sentences will run concurrently.