Man to know fate 10 years after murdering teenager


Man to know fate 10 years after murdering teenager

In less than two weeks, Nicholas Rampersad will know his fate after he was charged for the murder of a 17-year-old girl. He was 14 years-old at the time.

Yesterday, both the State and defence attorneys delivered their closing address before Magistrate Gillian Lucky in the Port-of-Spain Supreme Court. Nicholas, who is now 28-years-old, opted for a judge-only trial.

The State argued that in June 2009, 17-year-old Navisha Crystal Bedaysee was staying at the Marabella home of Rampersad’s mother, Sookrani “Maureen” Rampersad. Bedaysee, her one-year-old daughter and the younger Rampersad were home alone.

Late that night, around 8:30pm, a man who was returning home saw Bedaysee run out of the house screaming. She fell in front of his car. When he got out to help her she was bleeding from a wound to her neck. When asked who stabbed her, she said “Nicholas”. Although there were two Nicholas’ in the village, Bedaysee identified the accused as “Maureen’s son”. A crowd had gathered in front of the car by the time she identified Nicholas.

Yesterday, Rampersad and his mother testified in court as part of his defence.

Rampersad will be given his verdict on December 3 when the court reconvenes.