A volley of gunshots aimed at a car in Valencia has left 1man dead, another in critical condition, and a teenage girl and another man nursing gunshot wounds.

This after gunmen reportedly opened fire on the vehicle around midnight on Saturday at Valencia.

Police identified the deceased as Anton “Darko” Blake, 41, of Palm Road, Valencia.

Emmanuel Adams was shot at least six times and is fighting for his life at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

29 year old Suresh Ramsingh was shot to the right knee while a 17 year old girl, of Valencia, was shot in the hand.

A 15 year old boy, who was in the car, escaped unharmed.

The group was proceeding along Toco Road when gunfire erupted.

Ramsingh and the 15 year old boy exited the vehicle, ran off into the bushes and contacted the police.

Officers responding to the call found Blake lying dead on the road near the car.

Adams was still seated at the driver’s seat of the vehicle with several gunshot wounds about his body.

Police also later discovered the 17 year old girl who emerged after hiding in some nearby bushes.

She was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital where she remains stable.

Police are continuing their investigations.


*Courtesy Power 102