Man shot dead after running over officer with vehicle

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Man shot dead after running over officer with vehicle

An Arima man was shot dead by a police officer on Saturday morning in Aranguez following attempts to run over a lawman with his vehicle.

The incident occurred along the  Aranguez Main Road in the vicinity of Apache Bar.

Forty-one-year-old Nazarali Rahim, of Kelly Street, Carapo died around 12.20 am on September 18.

Highway Patrol officers responded to the shooting and arrived to find Rahim slumped against the driver’s door, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

According Eye-witness reports  shortly before the fatal shooting – Rahim knocked down a police sergeant in the vicinity of Carlos Bar, Aranguez Main Road; and followed this up with a second attempt to run him over.

The Sgt reportedly drew his licensed Glock firearm and fired at Rahim as he drove towards him, causing Rahim to crash into a parked vehicle.

Investigations are continuing the incident.