Man paid $80K to become a genderless Dragon

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Man paid $80K to become a genderless Dragon

Tiamat (nicknamed Dragon Lady Medusa) has a split tongue similar to a lizard, facial implants, a body covered in tattoos, and numerous body piercings. He’s primarily known as an entertainer and social media influencer.


In the day and age of fluid gender identities and a broad spectrum of sexual orientations, some people have taken extreme measures to recognize themselves as aliens, cats, dogs, and human beings completely outside of their race.

A man named Tiamat Legion Medusa may have outdone them all.

The former banker from Texas reportedly dropped $80,000 on surgical procedures to make his outward appearance resemble that of a “genderless dragon.” The transformation progress began when Tiamat was in his early forties, and it has evolved over the course of nearly two decades. At the age of 61, Tiamat now identifies as they/them.

The Texas native has the right to live the way he wants, but he is the father of a teenager who has been impacted by the drastic physical change. Now, Tiamat is enduring an internal battle between preserving the identity that he’s invested so much into and a 16-year-old son who appears to have disowned him completely.

“The relationship or the connection with my son has changed,” Tiamat said. “At the time when I started my transformation, my son had already turned 16, and he rejected me at that point in my life.”