Man Kills Girlfriend For ‘Wineing’ On Another Man in Cameroon

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Man Kills Girlfriend For ‘Wineing’ On Another Man in Cameroon

A woman is believed to have been shot and killed by her boyfriend, after a video of her twerking on another man surfaced on social media.

The extremely disturbing story occurred a couple of months back, in the African nation of Cameroon – and it was so shocking it became a trending story all across Africa.


Now members of the woman’s family, according to social media reports, are trying to put international pressure on the local authorities – to fully investigate the killing of the woman and bring her murderer to justice.

The video is extremely disturbing. In the beginning it shows the beautiful woman dancing suggestively on a man that based on social media reports is not her boyfriend.

Then, a few seconds later, the video cuts to a different clip – showing the woman laying in a pool of blood. She appears to be shot in the head.

In that scene, you can hear background voices of the alleged murderers.

A person claiming to be the woman’s sister has started on online petition pushing the nation of Cameroon to fully investigate her death. So far no one has been arrested for the killing.