Man killed after adopting wild kangaroo as a pet

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Man killed after adopting wild kangaroo as a pet

Life is filled with choices…and hopefully we make the right ones…but an Australian man who found a wild kangaroo and decided to keep it as a pet clearly made the wrong choice as the animal killed him shortly afterwards.

Police responding to the scene were then forced to shoot the animal after it squared off with paramedics and prevented them from reaching the man who was at the time still alive.

The incident is Australia’s first fatal kangaroo attack in nearly a century.

The animal, a western gray kangaroo, is common in Australia’s southwest.

They can weigh up to 120 pounds and stand almost 4 ½ feet tall.

The males can be aggressive and fight people with the same techniques as they use with each other.

They use their short upper limbs to grapple with their opponent, use their muscular tails to take their body weight, then kick out with their powerful legs and sharp claws.