Man jailed for 3 years for possession of pistol

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Man jailed for 3 years for possession of pistol

SHAHEED GHANY pleaded guilty to the offence of possession of firearm and was sentenced to three years’ with hard labour,
while JASON JOSEPH LOPEZ pleaded not guilty and was granted $200,000 bail.

The matter was heard before Magistrate Cheron Raphael at the Sangre Grande Magistrates’ Court today.

The men were held during a sting operation on July 11th, 2021. Sangre Grande officers conducted surveillance along Turure
Road, Sangre Grande, when they intercepted a Nissan B15 vehicle along the same roadway.

The officers conducted a search of the vehicle in the presence of the men and in the area of the centre console by the gear shifter
discovered a Beretta pistol. The men are not holders of a firearm users licenced (FUL).

The vehicle was reportedly driven by JASON JOSEPH LOPEZ, 27, of Righteous Lane, Pinto, Arima, and he was accompanied
by SHADEED GHANY, 22, of Mt Pleasant Road, Arima.

JASON LOPEZ’s matter was adjourned to August 5th, 2021.