Man given four years for killing taxi driver

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Man given four years for killing taxi driver

After given a 30-year sentence, a man will only serve four years for killing taxi driver Jason Collymore in 2007.

On Monday, the court heard that on November 20 Kalechi Seon got into the front seat of Collymore’s car, while another man and a couple got into the back seat. As Collymore drove to Princes Town, Seon stuck a gun in his waist and demanded money. Collymore gave him the cash.

Witnesses say that the man in the back demanded that the woman give him her phone but she refused. Seon then told Collymore to drive to into a side street. As the car stopped, the couple exited the car and ran. In running, the couple saw the second man try to pull Collymore out of the car and beat him. They then heard a gunshot.

In a statement, Seon said that he and the driver got into a struggle and that the gun was discharged before the car crashed. A witness saw two men flee the scene of the crime before the car crashed into the wall. Upon checking he found Collymore with blood seeping from his left temple. Collymore died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.

Seon was brought in for questioning and pleaded guilty to murder felony. A prison sentence is usually given for this crime rather than a death sentence, since a person was killed during an offence.

In passing the sentencing, the Judge initially gave Seon 30 years for the crime, but reduced the sentence to 20 years since his guilty plea saved the judicial system some time. An additional 3 1/2 years were shaved off of his sentence because of his remorse for the crime, his good character before the offence and his willingness to corporate with the police at the time of the murder. Seon was 24-years-old at the time.

By law, the 11 years and seven months he had spent in remand also needed to be considered and deducted from his sentence.

As a result, he will spend the next four years in jail.