Man electrocuted in Barrackpore while tampering with TSTT cable

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Man electrocuted in Barrackpore while tampering with TSTT cable

Police are trying to determine the identity of a man, who was electrocuted in Barrackpore during the early hours of Saturday morning, while attempting to cut and steal cables belong to TSTT (Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago).

The incident occurred around 2 a.m, when an estate constable employed with a security company was on duty at a residence at Rochard Douglas Road.
The security guard reported hearing a loud noise at the front of the premises and upon investigation, observed sparks emanating on a TSTT pole on the opposite side of the roadway, approximately about 30 feet away.

He then saw a man hanging from the cables.

The victim was described as approximately five feet four inches, dark complexion, wearing a black jersey and black and white three-quarter camouflage pants.

The security officer also observed that there was no electricity to the residents in the vicinity of the TSTT pole.

A team of police officers including ASP Bertie, Sgt Toussaint, Cpl Mycoo of Moruga Police station, Cpl Ali and PC Horsford of Barrackpore police station, CSI officers responded.

Two hacksaw blades, a black Marvin Gaye hat, and a multicoloured Jansport knapsack was found at the base of the TSTT pole.

A statement from the TTEC said that their officers received information from the police and responded to the incident.

The statement said that the incident occurred between T&TEC LP 114 and 115 in the vicinity of a TSTT pole.

“It is believed the victim was cutting and stealing TSTT cables in the area when the incident occurred. Two hacksaw sets were found nearby and some TSTT cables were cut and hanging in the area. The electricity supply was disrupted to part of the area and was restored at 6 a.m.”, the statement read.