Man drinks his own urine every morning

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Man drinks his own urine every morning

A 68-year-old man identified as Brother Sage, said he started the practice of drinking his own urine 20 years ago and offered a course for $345 to teach students about the “secret benefits of urine.”

Brother Sage in a Daily Mail report states that he stored the liquid waste he passed in the evening in the refrigerator and consumed it as part of his early morning ritual.

However, he also uses his urine as a foot soak or an eye bath.

He claims his followers have used their urine to give to their children or let their pets bathe in it after following his teachings.

On the other hand, his housemate is not a fan of his practice due to the constant smell overpowering their home.

The Daily Mail reports also states that Brother Sage plans to relocate since his housemate isn’t too happy with his holistic ritual.

According to WebMD, several factors can affect one’s health if one continues the practice of drinking urine.