Man beat bandit to death in Arima

Man beat bandit to death in Arima

A 20-year old man beat a bandit to death after the suspect robbed him. As a result, the Valencia man may be charged with manslaughter.

Around 5:15p.m on Saturday the victim was at Queen Street, Arima when the bandit approached and asked if he wanted to purchase marijuana.

The suspect agreed and both men proceeded to smoke.

When they were finished, the bandit pulled out a gun and robbed the 20-year old of his jewellery and cell phone. The two men got into an altercation until the victim overpowered the bandit and began to beat him with a stone.

The victim then took all the items to the Arima Police Station where he reported the incident. He was detained and is assisting police with investigations.

The suspect was confirmed dead at the scene.