Man arrested after attempting to propose to Kylie Jenner

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Man arrested after attempting to propose to Kylie Jenner

Cops were reportedly called to Kylie’s neighbourhood in Calabasas after a man hoped a neighbor’s fence to get close to the reality star.


According to TMZ, the incident happened last week. Law enforcement sources when a man hopped a fence and knocked on a door looking for Jenner but the guy had the wrong house and was at Kylie’s neighbor’s place.


Cops intervened before the 23-year-old obsessed fan could pop the question. When Cops spoke to the guy who also had flowers with him, he told officers that he was there to profess his love for Kylie, and ask for her hand in marriage. The guy was later arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and was booked.

Kylie isn’t the only one having a problem with crazy fan. This comes just a few months after her sister Kim Kardashian’s security team intercepted a package from a fan that had a diamond engagement ring and a Plan B pill.