Man accused of killing one-year old dies at hospital

Man accused of killing one-year old dies at hospital

The man who was suspected of killing a one-year old child died at the Sangre Grande Hospital on Monday night.

Reports indicate that the suspect, who has been identified as Marlon Metivier, died around 10:00p.m.

Metivier was found last Tuesday. Officers from the Sangre Grande Police Station visited an abandoned beach house in Manzanilla around 5:30p.m, where they found Metivier hiding behind a wall in the building.

He was reported to be weak and dehydrated, and was sent to the Sangre Grande Health Facility for treatment.

Officials at the hospital confirmed that he did not recover from his health problems although he was treated.

Last week, the body of the one-year old toddler was discovered by police at a house located off a dirt track along the Toco Main Road. A baby bottle, a pair of sandals and a dress were found next to the body.

The child’s mother had reported the boy missing to the police a week before he went missing.

He was last seen alive on April 2.