Malick man charged for possession of arms and ammo

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Malick man charged for possession of arms and ammo

A 38 year-old man, of Malick, Barataria, was arrested yesterday by officers of the North Eastern Division, Emergency Response Patrol (ERP). Anton Mulligan was later charged for the offence of possession of arms and ammunition.

A TTPS report indicates that around 3.10 pm, officers of the ERP unit, were on mobile patrol duties along Circular Road, Morvant, when they observed two men sitting on a wall. The officers further observed that one of the men looked in the direction of the officers and quickly slipped a brown object from his right thigh onto the ground of the wall behind him. This arose the suspicion of the officers who alighted the vehicle and approached the two men.

PC King then proceeded to search the area behind the wall, where a pouch was found. A search of its contents was carried out and a Glock pistol and a magazine containing 11 nine-millimetre rounds of ammunition were discovered.

The two men were then cautioned, arrested, and taken to the Morvant Police Station, where only Mulligan was charged for the offence.

Enquiries are continuing.