Maharaj ready to spill the tea to TTPS on human trafficking-UNC link

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Maharaj ready to spill the tea to TTPS on human trafficking-UNC link

Former UNC minister Devant Maharaj is ready to take his information on alleged prostitution and human trafficking to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

Pandora’s box was opened when the Prime Minister stated last Friday that the 2022 US Trafficking in Persons Report made reference to current members of Parliament—”none of which is on the Government side.”

Maharaj later confirmed Rowley’s claim by stating he had information that the alleged prostitution and human trafficking occurred during the People’s Partnership government’s 2010-15 term.

This was quickly challenged by UNC deputy leader Dr Roodal Moonilal, who called on Maharaj to spill the information within 48 hours.

Maharaj in a GML interview, said he is not backing down.

He alleged “particular individuals who now hold high office in the UNC regularly supplied Venezuelan and Colombian prostitutes to people in and out of the UNC” and senior UNC officials—including himself—investigated human trafficking allegations.

Maharaj, via statement, said in 2012, questions on prostitution and trafficking were raised by an investigative reporter to top UNC officials. He cited the question, which pertained to allegations concerning some foreign women.

Speaking on I95.5FM yesterday, Moonilal said Maharaj raised a matter of 12 years ago to which “no one, including myself, has any recollection of any investigation and I’m not competent to investigate human trafficking. That’s a matter for TTPS and law enforcement.”

He said if Maharaj or anyone had evidence of this, they could take it to the police.

“I expect him in 48 hours to give a statement to the CoP, otherwise you might as well shut up as you have no evidence—you’re not even prepared to make a statement to the police on such a serious matter!”

Moonilal claimed Rowley and Maharaj are now a “tag team involved in mauvais-langue and kuchoor.”

Maharaj told the the media house, “It’s pellucidly clear Dr Moonilal isn’t interested in the truth and has selective amnesia, being fully colonised as he is in the hemline politics of UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar as he aspires to leadership.

“If and when the TTPS reaches out to me, I’m willing to entertain whatever methodology or medium via which they want to get a statement. I’m not backing down.”