Maharaj condemns Persad-Bissessar for using class and caste to win an election

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Maharaj condemns Persad-Bissessar for using class and caste to win an election

Devant Maharaj has accused current UNC leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar of descending into the gutter of race, class and caste to win an election.

In a social media post, Maharaj said Persad-Bissessar was not content with her “blankman/banana” campaign which lost her the 2020 General Election, she has now weaponised race and class to garner support among the UNC membership.

He said “In her last speech she boldly asks why the lotus team (Vasant Bharath’s team) could not “find one” (person) looking like (Sean) Sobers and Jearlene (John). What does she mean by “find one”. Find a human ? Find a person ? Find a citizen ?”

He was referencing Persad-Bissessar’s speech during her virtual Monday Night forum. At the time, she was arguing that Bharath’s team lacked diversity.

However, Maharaj said “Her refusal to elevate Afro-Trinidadians to the status of a person and simply refer to them as “finding one” is dangerously divisive and should be condemned by all right thinking citizens.

He said “This is no longer just a party issue, it is now in the national interest that Kamla Persad-Bissessar be removed from office.

“Her other demeaning use of “Knife and Fork” should also be deprecated in equally strong fashion. Knife and fork Indian is the term used to shame East Indians who have educated themselves, become well respected professionals and provide the best for their children.
Make no mistake, it is a derogatory term used to describe professional East Indians who have done well for themselves,” he said.

Maharaj believes that in one swoop, Persad Bisessar has managed to alienate both middle class people and Afro-Trinidadians from the United National Congress and he condemns her on behalf of all the right thinking, patriotic and civic minded members of the UNC.