Maha Sabha head ready for return of religious services

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Maha Sabha head ready for return of religious services

Head of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Vijay Maharaj, is appreciative of the news that the restrictions on religious services could soon be lifted.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced that restrictions on religious services at religious buildings are likely to be lifted by September 6.

Although he welcomed the news, Maharaj, in an interview with the Newsday, said he could not see the rationale for keeping worship spaces closed, when they were being used as vaccination sites.

He also said “I can’t understand how we can reopen retail stores where you have between 50 to 60 people inside, touching one another, bouncing one another, and we have temples which can hold…people, similarly the cathedral and mosques.”

Maharaj added, “We would like to see places of worship open, 50 per cent or 331/3 per cent, I don’t care. Just let people have the opportunity to worship.