Maduro Prepares Venezuela’s Defence Against Potential Military Attack

Maduro Prepares Venezuela’s Defence Against Potential Military Attack

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ordered today the mobilization of “artillery pieces to be prepared in the fight for peace” in the country.

This in the context of the Bolivarian Shield operation and the shipping of american warships to combat drug trafficking into the Caribbean Sea.

From the Miraflores Palace, the president assured that a group financed by the United States and Colombia are preparing “violent and armed actions against the peace of Venezuela”, So he announced that the country is prepared with armed actions against“ terrorist groups”.

Maduro said that these criminal organizations “intend to use quarantine and the health crisis for Covid-19 to carry out “coup terrorist actions”.

So far, President Maduro has not detailed what weapons his artillery is made of. Nor where will they be transferred to “prevent” any attack on the country, but he did specify that this measure is a search for “a ceasefire and to reach a humanitarian agreement.”

There are groups that cannot cope with the hatred that they carry and that these days are preparing armed and violent actions against the peace of Venezuela, I say it again, I know what I am saying, and I am addressing you, “said the Venezuelan president, referring to the groups that “threaten Venezuela”.

The Sputnik news agency noted that Maduro’s announcements come after it was reported that the US government “sent warships to fight drug trafficking towards the Caribbean Sea”, days after the accusation against the president and other Venezuelan officials for“ integrating a drug trafficking cartel”.