Lutchmedial not buying PM’s claim he wasn’t attacking DPP

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Lutchmedial not buying PM’s claim he wasn’t attacking DPP

The opposition United National Congress is not buying the Prime Minister’s claim that neither he nor his government was attacking the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Dr Keith Rowley made his denial at a post-cabinet news conference on Thursday, saying the “mutterings” of a plot to undermine the DPP’s office are unsubstantiated falsehoods.
The PM added: That problem (of being afraid of the DPP) lies with the leader of the UNC.

However, in response to his denial, the UNC said the prime minister reverted to his usual tactic, which is to blast or blame the opposition leader and distract from the core issues.

The party also said that at no time did Rowley address key matters during his briefing, which included the DPP’s staff shortage concerns, tension between Gaspard and Chief Justice Ivor Archie over the state of the criminal justice system, and the system’s being on the verge of collapse.

In a Newsday interview, opposition senator, Jayanti Lutchmedial asked if the PM was not attacking the DPP, then why were his remarks about the office made on a political platform and which were then followed by his AG insulting that entire department.

Lutchmedial insists Rowley’s comments about the DPP at the recent PNM political meeting in Barataria were “clearly an attempt to undermine that office and paint them in an unfavourable light.”