‘Long Covid’ may cause long-term heart complications

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‘Long Covid’ may cause long-term heart complications

Dr. Sana Mohammed, Pulmonologist and Covid-19 consultant at the North Central Regional Authority (NCRHA) revealed that some patients from Covid-19 still suffer from at least one symptom months after recovery.

The latest discovery has been coined ‘long covid’ and it is the persistence or the ongoing symptoms that a patient may experience three weeks, after the initial onset of Covid-19 symptoms.

Dr. Mohammed said that the symptoms can also present in patients who initially presented with a mild- or moderate case of the Covid-19 disease.

Two of the most common symptoms are profound fatigue and shortness of breath, but symptoms are variable and persons may have different experiences.

According to a report from Italy that polled 143 recovered patients, more than 87% experienced at least one of the symptoms which include diarrhea, joint pain, chest pain, and coughs.

These patients were interviewed two months after they recovered from the virus.

She also provided a few long term symptoms that some victims may suffer.