Local Supermarkets Amp Up Their Fight Against COVID-19

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Local Supermarkets Amp Up Their Fight Against COVID-19

A mask and hand sanitizer — they’re likely two essentials that accompany you on your physically distanced grocery run. However, several supermarkets have decided to include additional operational measures at supermarkets nationwide, as the threat posed by the coronavirus increases.

On Friday, Mr. Rajiv Diptee, President of the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT), in a public statement stated that as one of the reliably operational bodies during the pandemic, it planned to do its part to restrict the spread of the infection.

“What we’ve done is we’ve viably diminished the capacity of people to assemble at, inside or outside of the stores, contingent upon which stores you visit,” Diptee said in a telephone meet with Guardian newspapers.

He requested that clients abstain from visiting supermarkets daily and with prompt impact, grocery stores are stringently upholding one part for each family entrance strategy, subject to a couple of exceptions.

In the meantime, it said the number of shopping baskets in stores will be restricted to change limit, while staff individuals will twofold veil and wear face safeguards and individual defensive hardware (PPE) where conceivable.

SATT looked to guarantee that variables taking into account a speedier course of clients – like the quantity of accessible sales registers – have been expanded.

“It’s also for the safety of our workers whom we are very concerned about, who are expressing an interest in being vaccinated. Now, as we see more members of staff get tested and return positive in some cases, we have deep and rising concerns about our health,” Diptee said.

Additionally, large appliances and furniture, except for mini appliances and household items are no longer for sale, as Diptee said, “We’ve addressed every one of the stores and we’ve dropped all publicizing and anything that is viewed as a prompting or a temptation to leave your home to go to the stores.”

The Supermarket Association has also requested that special reserve police officers and traffic wardens from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service assist in regulating and controlling crowds that may occur.

All changes will be in effect at all supermarkets until May 23rd.