Little Allon to be laid to rest on Friday

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Little Allon to be laid to rest on Friday

Allon Ramdial, the toddler who disappeared two weeks ago and was later found dead in the Ortoire River, will finally be laid to rest this Friday.

The funeral will take place in Mayaro, with all expenses being paid by the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

Reports are that the toddler’s body was finally removed from the Forensic Science Centre in St James and sent to Boodoo’s funeral home in Rio Claro. However, his casket will be closed during the service.

Social Development Minister, Donna Cox, said the entire family has been receiving psychosocial and social support.

She revealed that neither Allon nor his mother had birth certificates, which was a delay.
However, she said the family met with the Assistant Registrar General and the birth certificates are due to be in hand Friday as well.