LISTEN: COVID-19 Kills Daughter, Grieving Father says ‘It Hit Home’

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LISTEN: COVID-19 Kills Daughter, Grieving Father says ‘It Hit Home’

When a child dies suddenly, the shock and disbelief suffered by a parent can be gravely overwhelming. In an anonymous post on Facebook shared by triniglobe media, a man is heard sharing his heartfelt grief about the alleged death of his daughter due to complications of the coronavirus.

Listen to the voice note below:

During the voice notes, the father claims that his healthy 40-year-old daughter who was an employee at a local bank was tested COVID-19 positive on May 14th. However, on May 17th she was rushed to the Couva Hospital and then was transferred to San Fernando General Hospital, upon his arrival, he was told that his daughter was in a critical state and at 11:030pm she was pronounced dead.

The father claims that the doctors said that “this is a strange variant, for her lungs to collapse so fast’. He continues to share that his now-deceased daughter had stated her supervisor at the bank she worked at was tested positive for covid and died on May 13th and alleged she believe she contracted the virus while sharing a space in the company’s lunchroom.

The grieving father pleads with members of the public to take heed of all health and safety protocols to save their lives.

The Ministry of Health’s clinical update as of Wednesday, May 19, shows 519 new COVID-19 cases with 14 additional COVID-related deaths reported in the last 24 hours. The report shows 6,649 active cases, with 5,587 in self-isolation and 297 in state quarantine.

The total number of deaths recorded in T&T is now 331. 61,806 persons have been vaccinated while 1,179 have received their second dose.