Lil Wayne sued by former bodyguard over alleged firearm threats

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Lil Wayne sued by former bodyguard over alleged firearm threats

A former bodyguard of rapper Lil Wayne is suing the rapper over a 2021 incident where he claims that the rapper threatened to shoot him after a dispute.

The former bodyguard, Carlos Christian, says that he was afraid for his life and genuinely felt that the rapper would inflict harm on him, given his past conviction for felony gun charges. In court documents, he says that Lil Wayne pulled out a semiautomatic weapon, pointed it at him, and threatened to shoot him.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit names Lil Wayne as the defendant and says that the rapper became “erratically threatening, assaulting and battering him” during the December 2021 incident.

Back in 2021, Los Angeles Police were called to Lil Wayne’s California home after his bodyguard reported that Lil Wayne pulled an assault rifle on him during a dispute and claimed that Lil Wayne had an AR-15 rifle that he used to threaten to shoot him.

At the time, Lil Wayne was never arrested, and police were unable to speak to him because he was not at home. His team also denied that he even owned such a high-powered weapon, which would be in violation of his probation and past conviction rules.

“Plaintiff acted with malice,” the lawsuit read, adding that Wayne intended to cause him injury or his despicable conduct was done with a willful and conscious disregard for the plaintiff’s rights and safety; this conduct includes punching the plaintiff in the head while waving a semiautomatic handgun.

According to Christian’s lawsuit, he suffered emotional distress after the incident and also had PTSD. He is claiming damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and he wants the court to determine damages.

Lil Wayne has not commented on the lawsuit, and he’s never acknowledged the incident since it was first reported in 2021.