Lil Wayne accused of lying about drug use to obtain $9M gov’t loan during pandemic

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Lil Wayne accused of lying about drug use to obtain $9M gov’t loan during pandemic

Lil Wayne is being called out for his use of marijuana despite his application for a $9 million SBA loan during the pandemic saying otherwise.

On Monday (March 11), Business Insider published a piece that looked into the 2021 loans granted to not only Weezy, but other artists like Post Malone as well. The publication got their hands on the documents by filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the SBA.

Both artists assured that their respective touring companies were a “drug-free workplace,” which was necessary in order to receive the grants they went on to receive. But with Wayne being open about his use of marijuana, BI feels this was fraudulent and wanted answers from the SBA.

In an emailed response following the story’s initial publishing, the SBA said the drug certification was fairly narrow. They said it didn’t cover “personal actions” of people like Wayne or Post, or any drug use outside the period from March 2020 to June 2022. However, they are still looking into some of the loans they paid out.

“The SBA’s process of monitoring and auditing of grant recipients is actively ongoing. To date, about $40 million has been returned from SVOG grantees and additional files have been referred for ongoing criminal investigation or civil recovery,” the agency said. “To date, none of the recoveries relate to the drug-free certification.”

In other news, Lil Wayne and his former personal chef have settled their lawsuit amicably, with the latter bringing it against the rapper for allegedly engaging in wrongful termination.

KTLA is reporting that the suit was settled as of last Thursday (March 7), according to papers filed by the attorney for Morghan Medlock.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but the parties reached a settlement two days prior to the relevant paperwork being filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Judge Kristin S. Escalante accepted the terms of the settlement, which concludes a long and rancorous battle that began in December 2022, when Medlock first accused Weezy of wrongfully terminating her from her position as his part-time personal chef.

Medlock said the issue first occurred when she accompanied Wayne on a Memorial Day trip to Las Vegas and had to suddenly leave when she was notified that her 10-year-old had sustained a head injury that left him hospitalized.

Though they all boarded Wayne’s private jet to return to L.A., he reportedly severely delaying the flight by smoking on it, so she hopped on a different flight. Medlock assumed the rapper’s team would understand the situation, especially because she was two years into the gig, but she alleged that she was terminated instead.

The docs stated that Wayne’s team continued to ask her if she was quitting after the incident, and that despite saying she wasn’t, Medlock got the cold shoulder when trying to return to work. Eventually, she was formally told she was being let go.

The former chef says her termination violates a California law that states it’s illegal to fire someone because they missed work to care for their sick or injured child. She sought $500,000 in damages.