Lil Nas X says he has COVID-19

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Lil Nas X says he has COVID-19

Sounds like Lil Nas X has COVID-19. On Friday (Dec. 17), the artist tweeted about having symptoms that disturbed his pleasurable Thursday night.

“Covid really sucks. last night i was tryna watch porn then i sneezed snot all over penis lmao,” he tweeted — then deleted.

His COVID revelations apparently came a little earlier in the afternoon, after Barack Obama shared his list of favorite music of 2021, which included Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” according to various outlets that captured the artist’s tweets before he nixed the entire thread. After the former president presented his playlist, the 22-year-old artist shared Obama’s tweet and added, “started running around the house when I saw this then i remembered i have covid lol.” He followed that with “now that i’m sure i won’t die from covid i will now begin making mildly funny jokes about having it.” According to Uproxx, Lil Nas X also took the Omicron/Omarion joke about the new variant further, writing, “I’m not sure whether i’ve had the omarion or alicia keys variant of covid but this has not been a fun journey.”

The “Industry Baby” rapper’s message comes within a week of his announcement that he had to pull out of Capital FM’s Jingle Ball show in the U.K. after unspecified members in his camp tested positive for COVID-19; Coldplay also had to cancel their Jingle Ball appearance for the same reason. “Both acts have had members of their teams test positive for COVID-19 and therefore are not able to perform. We’d like to wish the very best and a speedy recovery to Coldplay, Lil Nas X and their teams,” read Capital FM’s statement last weekend.

Lil Nas X is certainly not the only artist from a Jingle Ball lineup to contract COVID-19 or cancel a show after someone from their team tested positive. Doja Cat shared on Sunday that she tested positive after canceling two Jingle Ball dates. On Thursday, Megan Thee Stallion and the Jonas Brothers separately announced they wouldn’t be able to perform at Jingle Ball in Atlanta because members from their respective camps tested positive for COVID. Dua Lipa also had to pull out of her scheduled Jingle Ball stops in New York City and L.A. due to her ongoing bout with laryngitis.