Lil Nas X ‘hot boy summer’ covers New York Times magazine


Lil Nas X ‘hot boy summer’ covers New York Times magazine

The rapper and social media savant, Lil Nas X spent time with New York Times Magazine Staff Writer Jazmine Hughes for an extensive cover story that debuted on Thursday—and like the artist himself often does, it instantly trended on Twitter.

Perhaps it’s the elaborately braided Black Boy Joy Lil Nas X is exuding on the cover (courtesy of hair and makeup artist Widny E Bazile)—or the earnest and unapologetic grin he’s giving photographer Shikeith. 


As evidenced by the pulsating and provocative success of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, this is Lil Nas X’s real coming out party—and we’re just guests.

That’s not a criticism Nas seems to have much time for because his biggest and most influential critic continues to be himself. He always wants to do his best in the studio, “and my best is perfect,” as he told the magazine.

Nas’ influence and popularity seem to be growing by the day, and if the star’s superstitions are to be believed, he’s absolutely on the right track. As Nas explained to New York Times Magazine, after he started accumulating fame, he began seeing the number 66 everywhere.

“Did I accidentally join the Illuminati or something?” he quipped in the profile.

Even having achieved global superstardom, Nas is still realizing some of life’s harsh truths, namely that you can’t always get what you want.