Lil’ Kim settles $1.4m tax debt

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Lil’ Kim settles $1.4m tax debt

Lil’ Kim has reportedly settled her $1.4m tax debt.

The hip-hop star owed $232k for 2003, $58k for 2005, $188k for 2006, $175,910.71 for 2007, $397,148.65 for 2008, and $211k for 2016, per RadarOnline. Lil’ Kim also had a lien of over $126k owed for the years 2010-2013. It was reported in 2008 that she owed Uncle Sam close to $400,000 in taxes.

The pint-sized artist previously revealed that she was millions of dollars in debt. In 2018, she filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. She originally tried to pay back $5,500 per month and nearly sold her home. Her repayment plan was reportedly rejected. In 2019, Kim’s bankruptcy case was reportedly dismissed.

Having not paid her taxes since 2010, the IRS filed a lien for $127,000 against Lil’ Kim in December 2014.

During her financial turmoil, Lil’ Kim borrowed $25,000 from Missy Elliott, according to Finurah.

All this seems to be behind her now, as the IRS reportedly reached an agreement with Lil’ Kim for nearly $1.4 million, according to multiple reports.

In related news, Lil Kim revealed last year that she has a biopic in the works.

When it comes to the actress who will play her, the hip-hip icon said, “I don’t know… We’ll have to see”, she told The New York Post.

Kim previously said she wants singer Teyana Taylor to play her in a biopic.

“I see my movie in parts. So I have to find the perfect little girl, then I have to find the teenager, then I have to find the perfect teenager into almost like young adult, and then I play the remaining part myself,” she told Essence in a 2021 interview.

“I love Teyana (Taylor). She’s my only other thought. There’s nobody else in the industry at all but Teyana. But, even before Teyana, I would love to give some little girls from Brooklyn a chance so I can connect. Really connect.”

Lil’ Kim confirmed to The Post that the biopic would closely mirror her memoir, “The Queen Bee.”