Lil’ Kim hires Nick Cannon as her new manager

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Lil’ Kim hires Nick Cannon as her new manager

Nick Cannon adds Lil’ Kim’s manager to his long list of responsibilities.

In what might seem like an odd professional pairing to some, rap icon Lil’ Kim has hired Nick Cannon as her manager. In a conversation with King Keraun for an episode of Complex’s “Hiking with Rappers”, Kim detailed her unexpected friendship with the entertainment mogul.

“Nick Cannon, people don’t even know, he’s one of my best friends,” said Kim. “We’ve been best friends for years.” The two stars have known each other for over two decades while they both enjoyed successful careers.

While both Lil’ Kim and Nick Cannon are technically rappers, Kim is a groundbreaking artist in the world of hip hop, while Nick has ventured into acting, reality show hosting, and podcasting. Kim might be the better rapper of the two stars, but Cannon certainly takes the cake when it comes to diversifying his income.

Lil Kim revealed it was Nick that talked her into trying out acting after he took her on as a client, prompting her to take on a role alongside Cannon in an upcoming Christmas movie titled Miracle Across 125th Street. Kim described the film as the “Friday of Christmas Movies”, and said, “I really did that movie for Nick…Nick is convincing me.”

King Keraun attempted to throw a little shade at Cannon during the episode, making a joke about Nick’s “twenty kids”. Kim came to his defense, saying, “Leave my manager alone,” before joining in on the joke with the comment, “I think they all on Drake’s album cover”.

The interview also gave us some insight into Kim’s workout routine as well as her playlist, revealing that she runs daily and plays tennis, and that her favorite track at the moment is “Essence” by Wizkid. We also found out that Lil’ Kim had never hiked a day in her life before this interview, during which she stopped and demanded that they continue their conversation in a car instead of venturing up a steep hill.