Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown Verzuz is a Go!

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Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown Verzuz is a Go!

Hip-Hop is in for an experience.
Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown are set to engage in a Verzuz showdown.

A strategically-placed source exclusively confirmed this with AllHipHop. These baddies with bars are amongst the genre’s most iconic trendsetters.
Previously, Lil’ Kim considered Nicki Minaj as her most adept lyrical adversary. However, Foxy Brown, stands atop her creative catalogue and her contributions to the craft. The Ill Na Na’s spot is solid.

So, who is more likely to earn the victory? Their classic catalogues have been rewarded with longevity. These two quintessential MCs withstand time’s test. It’s the consistent artistry of these nostalgic narrator’s which allows them to remain relevant.

Recently, back on November 2, Lil’ Kim dropped her encompassing memoir, The Queen Bee. Her pen is relentless. Here, the notoriously private wordsmith, grants unprecedented insight into her world.

In addition, to Foxy Brown’s personal and professional responsibilities, the “Oh Yeah,” audio architect continues to put in work and strive for that work/life balance. Following last year’s announcement, the Fox is waiting for the perfect time to release, Pressure. This is going to be interesting.