“Licks” is child abuse says local UNICEF representative

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“Licks” is child abuse says local UNICEF representative

UNICEF Child Rights Activist Priyanka Lalla says the infringement of the rights of migrant children is a deeply concerning situation and a major issue.

She made the comment on the heels of a report by a Cabinet appointed Committee which found that the Children’s Authority is failing to protect migrant children.

Many of the migrant children are commonly abused in child care facilities and the Authority is said to be unresponsive to their complaints.

She said the recent report is a wake-up call for the leaders in society.

The 16 year old activist suggested that culture has blurred the line between abuse and punishment and noted that people need to be educated that beating a child is a form of abuse.

She maintained that while legislation governing the topic exists, implementation and monitoring seems to be an issue.