Licensing Division to introduce new regulation test questions by year’s end

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Licensing Division to introduce new regulation test questions by year’s end

The Licensing Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport is working on changing the driving test questions in the regulation exam – at least for class three driver’s licenses.

Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke said the majority of people apply for that type of permit and citizens have been writing the same exams for close to four decades.

He said this new content of the exam, which should be introduced by the end of 2023, will help alleviate a lot of the lawlessness that happens on the nation’s roads.

He said: “For example, we have added more questions in terms of treating with a roundabout, we are adding more defensive-type driving questions within the exam. We have also taken the opportunity to use the exam to inform people of the new Demerit Point System. You know, what some of the challenges are.”

Clarke said the division will also test people on what documents must always be in the vehicle.

“We do not want to be stopping people on the road, like in recent cases, without driver’s permits and that kind of thing, they must know that that is a requirement,” he said.

Clarke said the Licensing Division will also be distributing literature to the public informing them about driving safety and how to safely cross the nation’s roads.

He said, “We took the opportunity to visit Tobago recently because of the concerns raised by the police officers about the high increase of fatalities there. We earmarked that place as high priority and we issued over 800 pieces of literature even during the night house-to-house.”

Yesterday, the ministry also launched a new online Provisional Permit System which facilitates the application process of obtaining a learner’s permit.

“All these young people who would have been panicking are okay. I’m 17 now. I need to go for my permit. You can do this the night of your birthday from home,” Sinanan said.

The system allows applicants to submit their data before verification and approval.

This can be done at:

Clarke said within the next month, more online systems will be deployed. These include an online vehicle transfer system, online renewal of driver’s permits and self-service payment.

“We are also looking in the new future to bring the opportunity where we can bring online booking of special numbers,” he said.

Sinanan said the goal is to digitise the division.