License needed to sell scrap iron

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License needed to sell scrap iron

President of the Scrap Iron Dealers Association Allan Ferguson, has stated that residents and businesses interested in selling scrap iron would now need a license to do so.

During a Media Conference on Thursday at their Kelly Village headquarters, Ferguson said they his association has been asking for several years to have a regulated industry where persons need certain requirements to enter and trade legally.

However, he warned those interested in selling scrap iron to collectors that they would also need some verification to sell their scrap metals, which would eventually lead to less theft of State assets as checks and balances are accounted for.

Ferguson said with the new regulations, people would also have to ensure they sell their products to the verified collectors.

He is also hoping that scrap iron dealers will get a little time before Christmas to open back the industry, so they could begin their trade.

Government is working on enacting legislation to resume scrap metal exports in a more regulated manner, however, a ban on the exportation of copper will remain for another year.