Let Citizens Determine T&T’s Final Court Of Appeal, Says A Former AG

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Let Citizens Determine T&T’s Final Court Of Appeal, Says A Former AG

Former Attorney General, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, says when he served in the position, the government took the stance that the people should determine whether or not they preferred the Caribbean Court of Justice to be this country’s final appeal court instead of the London based Privy Council.

Mr Maharaj said this approach was agreed upon when the government at the time indicated its support of the Caribbean Court of Justice being located in Port of Spain and the necessary resources for that purpose was provided by the government.

Mr Maharaj made the comments while being interviewed by Power 102 Digital on Thursday.


Recently Independent Senator, Anthony Vieira, called for the CCJ to be recognised as the final Court of Appeal for Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr Vieira also reportedly called for the appropriate amendments to be made to alter this country’s constitution for this.

Mr Maharaj said people should have their say on such a critical development.

Mr Maharaj said the record of Trinidad and Tobago shows there are many appeals from this country which go to the judicial committee of the Privy Council which are reversed and therefore the people must have a right to determine and examine all the factors on whether they will like to retain it or abolish it.