Lawyers can now pay their fees electronically


Lawyers can now pay their fees electronically

The Registrar of the Supreme Court received the first payment of Attorney’s Practising fees by electronic payment.  The transaction is part of the Judiciary’s new CourtPay system of Electronic Payments.

Not only does the system allow great convenience and reduced transaction costs to individual attorneys who must pay fees annually, but also it has added benefits of savings for the Judiciary and by extension, the State:

The system saves the Judiciary and the State:

*       The office space which must be dedicated to deal with lawyers coming in to pay in  person or hand deliver cheques

*       Services of clerical staff members who must be dedicated to serve them

*       The dedicated service of an Accounting Assistant

*       Cashier’s time and services

*       The cost and inconvenience of maintaining additional safe space

*       Manual record keeping

*       A Manual Accounting System

*       Dedicated Records and ledgers

*       Paper

*       The time and paperwork taken in negotiating cheques

*       The services of a driver, vehicle and security to transport cheques and cash to banks

*       Risk of loss of funds

*       Time of staff to follow up on dishonoured cheques
For Attorneys and their Association, it means:

*       Ease of payment of practising fees from anywhere in the world

*       Less expense than a manager’s cheque

*       No need to expend the additional expense of sending fees by International Courier service if abroad

*       Practising Certificate received electronically within 5 days

*       The ability to view payment history

*       A more accurate real-time record of Attorney’s financial status

*       Timely transfer and reconciliation of funds transferred by the Judiciary to the Law Association

*       Real-time update of the Roll of Practising Attorneys and their contact information

*       Ability to receive funds from attorneys abroad with ease.
The Judiciary is pleased to take yet another additional step toward providing for our customers, a more efficient and effective service.