Law association welcomes TTPS’ investigation into $million-dollar raid

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Law association welcomes TTPS’ investigation into $million-dollar raid

The Law Association says it welcomes the investigation by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith of the return of cash seized in the raid on the Drugs Sou-Sou (DSS) premises in La Horquetta, last week.

It has however stated that the investigation should also include whether there was a legal requirement to obtain a warrant before the search was initiated since a warrant obtained after a search has started does not legalise what has already occurred.

In a statement on Monday, the association said the privacy of a citizen’s premises was protected by the Constitution and ought only to be violated when carried out strictly by law.

It said the failure to obtain a warrant when required, and the failure to disclose it when obtained, violates the Constitution, on the one hand, and engenders distrust, on the other.

It maintained that as things stand, it remains unclear what offence the officers leading this raid on private premises suspected was being or had been committed and what were the considerations that led to the return of cash seized.


*Courtesy: Power 102FM