Larry Lalla among 15 attorneys set to receive “silk”

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Larry Lalla among 15 attorneys set to receive “silk”

Fifteen attorneys are set to be appointed Senior Counsel.

According to a GML report, President of the Law Association of T&T, Lynette Seebaran-Suite, as well as attorneys Leslie Ann Lucky-Samaroo, Larry Lalla and Rajiv Persad are among those listed to be appointed Senior Counsel—“silk ranking”.

On April 14, a gazetted notice from the Attorney General’s Ministry stated that those who wish to be considered for appointment as senior counsel should submit their applications then. Appointment is made by the President on the Prime Minister’s advice.

Under the criteria, applicants for “silk” must have: Professional eminence and distinction, which establishes them as leaders of the profession; Sound intellectual ability; Thorough, comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of law and practice in the fields in which they practise; Outstanding ability as an advocate in the higher courts; The highest professional standing, having gained the respect of the Bench and profession in observing the advocate’s duty to the court and the administration of justice while presenting their clients’ case and being formidable, fair and honourable as an opponent; and Total professional integrity; maturity of judgment and balance; and high-quality practice with at least ten years’ experience.