Lalla: Chris Must List sedition charge just a cover

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Lalla: Chris Must List sedition charge just a cover

Attorney-at-Law Larry Lalla SC, believes Christopher ‘Chris Must List’ Hughes was charged because he was embarrassing the National Security Ministry and police authorities.

He feels the charges were laid simply because he was highlighting the ills of the country.

He told the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital this morning that his suspicion is that the charge of sedition was just a cover because Hughes would bring a lot of negative publicity to Trinidad.

He explained that in order to charge someone with sedition one must prove that the act was done with the intent to incite violence and disorder.

Mr Lalla maintained that this would be difficult to prove given the lack of evidence to support the charge.

He said that Hughes was doing his job as a blogger and his present situation would simply make him more money and may cause the country even more embarrassment.

In the videos Mr Hughes recorded gang members issuing threats to other gang members.

Mr Lalla said that whether Mr Hughes should have refused to show the video may be a subjective issue.

He said while some persons may have been concerned that Mr Hughes’ job was to show the seedier side of Trinidad he said he was more concerned with the fact that this side of Trinidad exists.