Lady Saw returning to dancehall with new song

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Lady Saw returning to dancehall with new song

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, announced that she is releasing a dancehall single almost a decade after she abruptly left the industry after converting to Christianity.

Hall, who is now a pastor of her own church, the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ, has stayed out of the music industry for the most part. In recent times, she has teased singles in the realm of gospel music.

However, this week, the artist broke down while on live and hinted that she was being dragged back into the dancehall space. Many surmised that Hall might be returning to the industry because she has maintained her fiery persona and has even been involved in a few mix-up arguments with other artists in the industry.

On Tuesday, she hinted that she is about to return to dancehall.

“I’m about to make some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, which may take me back to a place, where I would never dream of going back, but seems to be heading back there, from this moment on. I know that many will cursed me out, and said they’ve predicted it, but what can I say. Sometimes, you just don’t have any fight left,” Hall wrote on her now-deleted personal Facebook account.

She added, “Please do not call my phone or send me any emails trying to find out, what’s happening with me, cause not much true love is out there for me anyway. May God help us all in these times.”

As many wondered about the post, Hall continued to update her social media accounts with hints, including a video where she became emotional as she spoke about a particular person who “set up a lot of people” against her.

“You better pray because I’m coming out I’m a take you out! Cause you the one that set up a whole lot of people. Yuh jealous, yuh badmind, yuh grudgeful,” she said, adding that the person had caused many people to cut her off. She also said that she was trying her best not to react, or she would return to dancehall and show the particular person who she welcomed into her home how bad she could get and how much more talented she was.

In an updated post, Hall revealed on Thursday that she was releasing a dancehall track, which she said would be posted on her church page on Facebook.

“Listen out for my new dancehall single, titled di way how mi love you. Fallow us on our new facebook page, holyghost pentecostal church of jesus christ, to be the first to hear it,” she wrote on Instagram.

Many have speculated that it is a gospel single. A release date for the track has not been announced.