Lady Gaga On Rape at 19 That Left Her Pregnant


Lady Gaga On Rape at 19 That Left Her Pregnant

In a tearful interview, Lady Gaga says she became pregnant at 19 after a music producer raped her.

During her interview on Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry’s show “The Me You Can’t See,” the 35-year-old award-winning singer says she suffered a “total psychotic break” as a result of the trauma.

“I was 19 years old, and I was working in the business, and a producer said to me, ‘Take your clothes off,’” the star, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, revealed on the Apple TV+ docuseries, according to The Sun. “And I said no. And I left, and they told me they were going to burn all of my music. And they didn’t stop. They didn’t stop asking me, and I just froze and I — I don’t even remember.”

Gaga did not disclose the producer’s name, adding that she doesn’t “ever want to face that person again.”

In the past, the singer openly spoke about taking antipsychotic medication because of her struggle with “mental issues” that came as a result of the sexual assault.

“First I felt full-on pain, then I went numb,” Lady Gaga said. “And then I was sick for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks after, and I realized that it was the same pain that I felt when the person who raped me dropped me off pregnant on a corner at my parents’ house because I was vomiting and sick,” she added. “Because I’d been being abused. I was locked away in a studio for months.”

Despite her fame and career success, she revealed that after receiving an Oscar win for “A Star is Born,” she was going through a “total psychotic break.”

“For a couple years, I was not the same girl,” she said. “The way that I feel when I feel pain was how I felt after I was raped. I’ve had so many MRIs and scans where they don’t find nothing. But your body remembers.”

Gaga revealed the assault during a 2014 interview after staying silent for seven years.

“I didn’t know how to even think about it, I didn’t know how to accept it, I didn’t know how to not blame myself or think it was my fault,” she said. “It was something that really changed my life. It changed who I was completely.”

“It changed my body, it changed thoughts,” she added.

At one point, she says she blamed herself for the assault.

“After it happened, I’m like, ‘But what did I do in my life to bring this upon myself?’” she revealed. “There was some sort of maybe religious guilt attached to it that I had somehow inspired the violence.”

“Because of the way that I dress, and the way that I’m provocative as a person, I thought that I had brought it on myself in some way — that it was my fault,” the superstar said.