Labour Inspectors Increase Monitoring Of Child Labour

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Labour Inspectors Increase Monitoring Of Child Labour

The Ministry of Labour Inspectorate Unit is ‘beefing up’ its monitoring and investigative activities with regard to child labour.

It is working closely with the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and other Agencies to provide the relevant support that is needed.

In a media release on Monday, the Ministry said the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child outlines that children have Rights to access education, rest and play and be protected from exploitation.

In this regard, parents and employers are reminded it is against the law to have a child below the legal age of 16 engage in labour.

While the Ministry understands many families are faced with extenuating circumstances, it is reminding citizens of the support services available for vulnerable families.

Persons can also access Welfare Grants and Psychosocial Support Services: Ministry of Social Development and Family Services: 800-1673.

Access Psychological Counselling for children: Child Line: 131 or 800-4321.

-Report Child Trafficking to: The Counter Trafficking Unit: 800-4288