Koffee taps Buju Banton for “Pressure” remix

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Koffee taps Buju Banton for “Pressure” remix

Young reggae/dancehall star Koffee dropped the original version of the single “Pressure” back in July, when most of the world was slowly easing lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now we’re on the verge of another major lockdown globally as Coronavirus virus cases are showing signs of another spike. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that Buju Banton’s remix arrives at this pivotal time, and yes, we’ve been yearning for a collaboration between the Gargamel and Koffee.

“Yes di pressure is real and the whole world a feel yet we nah give up / Overflowing of the cup and the system corrupt / Look how hard some a work and its still not enough / Unno lockdown the world and nobody nah work and no food nuh deh inna di house while di bills pile up,” the reggae icon sings.

Word is that Koffee and Buju Banton’s teams are planning to shoot a visual for the single for release sometime soon. “The original plan was to release the remix with a music video but as you can see Coronavirus restrictions are making it hard to get things done right now,” sources inside the singer’s team told Urban Islandz.

“We will see, but the plan is to release a visual soon so we’re working out the logics and getting the proper permits to shoot. Everyone is on board and safety measures will always be priority.”

Koffee picked up her first Grammy award this year, which comes almost a decade after Buju Banton won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album for his classic album, Before The Dawn.
In his recent interview with Hot 97, Buju praised Koffee while stressing the importance of supporting young artistes.

“Koffee is a beautiful artist,” said Banton. “It is prophecied in the book that ‘young men I calleth upon you because you are strong.’ Now if the young men fail to heed that call he’s gonna call upon the young women, and if they fail he’s gonna call up on the babies and suckling, and if they fail he’s gonna call upon the rocks and the stones.”

Take a listen to Koffee and Buju: “Pressure.”