Koffee drops video for The Harder They Fall single

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Koffee drops video for The Harder They Fall single

Koffee officially launched the music video, “The Harder They Fall,” in collaboration with Roc Nation on Friday.

The song is a multidimensional visual captured against the backdrop of a deserted Western town inspired by the critically acclaimed film based on African American cowboys.

According to a release sent to Urban Islandz from Roc Nation, the video premiered on BET Soul and BET Jams at 9 AM EST. The song is the original soundtrack released earlier this year for the film.

The video was directed by CHILD, who is behind the production of Doja Cat’s “Woman,” and Janelle Monae’s “Turntables”) and opens with a scene from the movie where the horseback gang is overtaking the city.

There are interspersed clips of Cherokee Bill, Trudy Smith, and Rufus Buck and clips of Koffee dancing and singing inside a rustic wooden building.

Koffee’s outfit is from the 2021 Bottega Veneta catalog and sees her riding into the city for a big performance before ending on a high singing under the moonlight with Compton Cowboys manning the forte.

“I’m very excited about this release,” said Koffee. “Being a part of such a powerful project is an honor. We put a lot of work into bringing this song to life and I hope fans will be able to connect to all the special elements we’ve woven into the video.”

Koffee, who is the youngest Grammy winner for the Best Reggae Album, which she won in 2019 for Rapture, was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She shot to fame with her 2019 feel-good anthem “Toast” and has made a string of hits despite her relatively short time on the scene with songs like “Lockdown.”

According to Roc Nation, the now 21-year-old is self-described as a singer, rapper, and guitarist.

In recent times, she has been the darling of brands focused on promoting unisex clothing due to her unique style of dressing.

Koffeee released her new song “West Indies” in October following a hiatus from social media over the past year.