Know what to look for on the real polymer $100 bill

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Know what to look for on the real polymer $100 bill

Since a video surfaced on social media showing copies of the counterfeit polymer $100 bills, many have questioned whether or not the bills can indeed be used to stop money laundering and other suspicious crimes.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young has assured the public that the note’s security features are difficult to copy while Gregory Aboud, President of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) agreed that duplicating the note is not as easy as it seems.

Still, the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) released a video which details the features citizens should look for to ensure the bill is genuine.

These include…

  1. An X printed in Braille on the bottom corner of the bill.
  2. The transparent window in the top corner of the bill.
  3. Areas of shimmering gold ink on the bill particularly near the transparent area at the top of the bill.
  4. The number 100 appearing in the blue print at the bottom left hand side on the front of the note.
  5. Persons are also advised to familiarize themselves with the feel of the bill which is described by the bank as “smoother than paper”