Kman 6ixx granted bail after being charged with being a gang member

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Kman 6ixx granted bail after being charged with being a gang member

Local artiste Kman 6ixx has been charged with being a member of a gang and with possession of ammunition.

A statement by the Police Service has said that Kashif Sankar, also known as Kman 6ixx, was granted $40,000 bail with a surety, when he appeared before Master Margaret Sookraj-Goswami at the North High Court today after he was charged with gang-related offences.

The statement said he was charged with offences under the Anti-Gang Act 4 of 2021, specifically:

1. Being a Gang Member Contrary to Section 5 (1)(b).
2. Professing to being a gang member contrary to Section 5(1)(d).
Police said that in addition, Kashif Sankar, Nikita Payne, and Aryan Sankar were jointly charged with the offence of possession of ammunition.

“The arrest and charges stem from an extensive investigation conducted by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Gang Enforcement Team into videos posted on social media platforms by the artist Kman 6ixx,” police said in the statement.

The statement added that the inquiry spanned from March 2023, to the present and focused on Kman 6ixx’s activities, during which time he was observed singing and using expressive gestures in videos that seemingly incited violence and promoted the Sixx gang, accompanied by his alleged self-professed affiliation as a gang member to intimidate the public.

“On Friday 2nd February, 2024, officers from the Special Investigations Unit in collaboration with various units conducted a targeted operation at the Clifton Lane, St Paul Street, Port-of-Spain area. The officers executed a warrant at Kashif Sankar’s residence, which led to his arrest along with two women for the possession of ammunition,” the statement said.

Police said that after the arrests, inquiries were conducted by various agencies, both within and outside the Police Service, adding that following the completion of the investigation, an audience was held with Senior Superintendent Paponette and Legal Officer Ali of the SIU. “Subsequently, instructions were received to prefer charges against the accused. The two women were both granted bail with surety in the sum of $10,000,” the statement said.